Announcing Spiritual Retreat with Charley* Italy 2016!

~~“It takes a lot more than intellectual knowledge of Medicine Power to become a Medicine Person, and much of what it takes is the ability to feel things, rather than just think about them”~~
(Sun Bear – Medicine Man & Author)

Happy Spring,
Up here in Asheville North Carolina’s mountains, spring has finally sprung! Being steeped and surrounded in nature induces perceptual clarity and as new research claims, is also good for your health. Recent medical research suggests listening to “earth sounds” as an essential strategy for provoking physical and spiritual balance.

Dr. Joe Dispennza: “In clinical studies we have proven that two hours a day of nature sounds significantly reduce stress hormones up to 800% and will activate 500-600 DNA segments known to be responsible for healing and repairing the body”.

(Read all about it)
The Huffington post recently featured yours truly in an article celebrating Medical Intuition! I feel both humbled and thrilled to share my passion for championing clairvoyance and this fascinating Intuitive art known as Medical Intuition. Writer Claudia Ricci’s life was saved by following the accurate guidance of a Medical Intuitive. Her mission is to shed light on Medical Intuition and provide referrals to practitioners with good track records for appraising an individual’s health status. As a high profile Huff Post writer, Claudia brings needed visibility to Intuition’s powerful role in maintaining pro- active robust health. :- ) Check it out at (recent posts)

Coming soon!
An Afternoon of Spirit
*Join us for Charley’s- Local Live Guidance Event in Asheville NC*
An inspired sharing of messages, answers and spiritual insight,
are in store.
May 16th * Saturday 4-6PM at Castex residence.
– In the Light… CC

Charley Castex Spiritual Retreat in Italy !

Charley Castex- Italy 2016 Spiritual retreat!

Charley Castex- Italy 2016
Spiritual retreat!

Villa La Palagina
Resort in Tuscany
Join us in the lovely Chianti hillside for 2016 Spring Spiritual Retreat with Charley Castex Pre-Registration is open as details are being confirmed.
Contact : for more information!
Lots of beautiful pictures at the web site above.

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