“The most accurate, compassionate and wise psychic I have ever met…and I have met many!”

—Carolyn Ball, MA, author of “Claiming your Self Esteem” and “Blessings in Disguise”

“Charley demonstrates the ability to tune into his sitter’s feelings; he also gives them a glimpse of their future.”

—Myra Ruiz, NBC news

“I have just had a ‘session’ with Charley and I would like you to convey a message of appreciation and gratitude, not only for his message, but his presence. Charley, besides sharing insights beyond anything I have experienced, his method of delivery is sensitive and caring”…and ‘spot on.’
Please thank Charley for me.
Roberta D

“Thank you for such an enjoyable and helpful reading.Your talents are profound and Inspiring. I am deeply moved by the accuracy of the consultation and your encouragment and insight into my life situations.”
-Colleen Webster

“Without consciously knowing a single thing about my life, Charley tuned in to information that was accurate, wise, and immediately helpful. The gentleness of his words clearly springs from deep strength, and his integrity and dedication to his gifts illuminate each session.”

—Valerie Wells, author of “Naturally Powerful” & “The Joy of Visualization”

The Media is fond of Charley because his reputation is golden. Charley is a phenomenal Intuitive, equally equipped with big brain and big heart.”
-Hutton Broadcasting Company

Charley Castex Guidance Event 2014

Charley Castex
Guidance Event 2014

“Charley’s reading brought me to tears- the guidance that came through gave me such peace and confidence to move forward. I continue to re-listen to my CD and each time I hear “new guidance” and discover new treasures. I am so grateful to have been referred to Charley- his guidance, wisdom and care of my soul’s path is truly priceless.”
Tracie K- Holly Springs NC

“Charley navigates his readings with precise wisdom allowing him to responsibly empower souls. He has helped me negotiate many potholes in the road on my journey and I am forever thankful.”

—Glenis Redmond, Internationally-acclaimed poet,
author of “Backbone” and “Ms. Poetic”

“I came initially for a casual consultation and received an authentic soul reading. What can I say? You read my inner workings to a T! I remain deeply appreciative of your work.”

—Jason Robards III, Actor & Voice over specialist

Guide of Souls: for the heart - from the heart

Guide of Souls: for the heart – from the heart

The Psychic go to guy”


Consistently Voted “Best Psychic” over a decade
Mountain Xpress readers poll
– Asheville North Carolina


“A reading from Charley Castex is always a wow! He has dazzled me over and over again by both his stunning accuracy and the heartfelt depth of his perceptions.”

Suzi Gablik, author of Reenchantment of Art

Charley provides psychic insights that are uncanny in their accuracy.
Never just generalities, but specific details about my life, work and
relationships. But perhaps more importantly, he is a gifted human (and
humane) counsellor who has helped me chart a map for myself through both
good times and bad.

Larry Wilson Screenwriter
Beetlejuice, Addams Family, Tales From The Crypt, Cindy

“Charley gave me the value of my hour session in the first minute. Then he proceeded to tell me things I didn’t expect to hear- his health information alone was invaluable.”

—Kelle Oein NIA instructor Santa Fe, NM

“Dear Charley, Just want to say, thanks again for your very helpful reading! Your clairvoyance is inspirational and affirming!”

—Sincerely, Winn, La vert, Alabama.

Charley Castex was our first call candidate for launching a new series on Psychic Phenomena. Beyond being a known quantity, his talent is powerfully complete.
An authentic Psychic- Medium, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher all in one personable package”.
A&E Television- Talent division

Charley Castex Intuitive Awakening Seminar 2012

Charley Castex
Intuitive Awakening Seminar 2012

“A reading with Charley is so accurately personal, that it restores my faith in a power operating beyond myself.”

—Bill Ashforth Virginia.

I want to thank Charley for my reading-I’m astounded at how articulate, accurate, and insightful he is! It’s amazing how easy it is to make life changes with some truth and the right perspective.”


—Angel L., Honolulu, Hawaii

“My first reading with Charley was in 2002- it was the most in-depth and comprehensive reading I’ve ever had in my life”- I re listen to my CD frequently- all I can say is -Wow! Charley’s words are directive-accurate and healing!”

—Barbara Nolan, New York City, NY

“Every time we have Charley on WOXL’s 96.5 Morning Show, the phone lines never stop ringing”.

—Pat Ryan, Veteran Radio Personality

Charley is spot on accurate and such a warm kind soul.
I was stunned at how much intimate information he can pick up. I believe Charley offers a spiritual experience that enables people to move forward in a positive way.
Katrine T
Zurich Switzerland

“I feel Charley is both refreshingly authentic and kind. His holistic viewpoint goes beyond therapy-a single reading has been as helpful to me as years of therapy”.
Meg C
Chicago Illinois

Pat Zeivic, London UK

“Dear Charley, I recently had a reading with you and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how clearly and passionately you relayed your guidance. I couldn’t take in all the subtleties, or the full impact, at the time- but I feel as if my clarity is restored and I can now stay focused on my goals.”

Charley Castex Consultations
Asheville North Carolina
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