Charley’s guidance empowers people, spanning the majority of the globe.

His unique sixth-sense Clairvoyance is centered on “big picture” self improvement and transformation. Perceptually gifted as long as he can remember, at ten years of age he experienced profound spiritual insights and was awkwardly clairvoyant as a young adult.

At nineteen he received tutelage and intuitive direction over a four year apprenticeship with Medicine man and author, Sun Bear. In Charley’s early twenties, he crossed paths with Lakota Sioux Holy man, Sparrow Eagle who soon ordained him into his Native American ministry.

Before Charley’s guidance went global, he studied psychic development under Joe Nicols. Joe’s potent inspiration fueled Charley’s full acceptance of his gift.

Charley has several hard won- high profile feathers in his cap, including being spotlighted by The New York Times and ABC & NBC National News. For over an entire decade, he has been Voted “Best Psychic” in Asheville North Carolina by the readers of the Mountain Express. He has also been featured in European media, in Austria’s, Weinrin/Vienna Woman magazine.

Throughout Charley’s career he has provided guidance to a multitude of fortune 500-companies. He has been playfully described in media circles as a Psychic Eckhart Tolle because Charley infuses his Psychic readings with spiritual teaching.


Charley continues to pair his intuitive gift with a passion for spiritual teaching delivering down to earth guidance for spiritual empowerment Nationally and Internationally for the last eighteen years. Off the road, Charley & Kathryn happily reside in Asheville North Carolina.

Charley demonstrates the ability to tune into his sitter’s feelings; he also gives them a glimpse of their future.” Myra Ruiz NBC news anchor

“The reading yesterday was absolutely wonderful and I’m very impressed-thanks Charley-my life now feels positively recharged, I look forward to future readings!” Joy –Santa Fe NM

“Charley navigates his readings with precise wisdom allowing him to responsibly empower souls. He has helped me negotiate many potholes in the road on my journey and I am forever thankful.”

—Glenis Redmond, Internationally-acclaimed poet, author of “Backbone” and “Ms. Poetic”

“I came initially for a casual consultation and received an authentic soul reading. What can I say? You read my inner workings to a T! I remain deeply appreciative of your work.”

—Jason Robards III, Actor & Voice over specialist

“A reading from Charley Castex is always a wow! He has dazzled me over and over again by both his stunning accuracy and the heartfelt depth of his perceptions.”

Suzi Gablik, author of Reenchantment of Art

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