Charley Castex

Charley’s Clairvoyant Guidance has been globally spotlighted by The New York Times, The Huffington Post and ABC & NBC national news.

Perceptually gifted for as long as he can remember, he experienced profound spiritual insights at ten years of age.

At nineteen he received intuitive direction and inspiration from an apprenticeship with Medicine man and author, Sun Bear. In Charley’s early twenties he crossed paths with Lakota Sioux Holy man, Sparrow Eagle who ordained him into his Native American charity ministry.

Charley’s professional focus centers on understanding life lessons and revealing opportunities in our lives.

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Charley’s Twenty Year career providing guidance globally includes being a key advisor for Fortune 500-companies.

Charley Castex Top Psychic 2016

“Charley provides psychic insights that are uncanny in their accuracy.
Never just generalities, but specific details about my life, work and
relationships. Perhaps more importantly, he is a gifted human (and
humane) counselor.
Larry Wilson-Screenwriter
*Beetlejuice-Addams Family*


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