Charley’s unique Clairvoyant Spiritual Counseling
is centered on big picture perspective.

Perceptually gifted for as long as he can remember, he experienced profound spiritual insights at ten years of age and was awkwardly clairvoyant as a young adult.

At nineteen he received intuitive direction and inspiration from an apprenticeship with Medicine man and author, Sun Bear. In Charley’s early twenties he crossed paths with Lakota Sioux Holy man, Sparrow Eagle who ordained him into his Native American charity ministry.

Charley has several high profile feathers in his cap, having been spotlighted
by the New York Times and ABC & NBC national news. Readers of Mountain Xpress in Asheville NC have voted Charley “Best Psychic” consistently for a decade.

Throughout Charley’s double decade career, he has provided guidance to a multitude of individuals and is a key advisor for Fortune 500-companies across six continents. Charley infuses down to earth spiritual insight into every reading.

Charley Castex  Clairvoyant Counselor

Charley Castex Clairvoyant Counselor

“Charley Castex was our first call candidate for launching a new series on Psychic Phenomena. Beyond being a known quantity, his talent is powerfully complete.
An authentic Psychic- Medium, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher all in one personable package”.
A&E Television- Talent division

“A reading from Charley Castex is always a wow! He has dazzled me over and over again by both his stunning accuracy and the heartfelt depth of his perceptions.”

Suzi Gablik, author of Reenchantment of Art

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