Charley’s guidance is a unique composite of Clairvoyance, Life direction, Medium messages and Medical Intuition.

Full Reading: Charley’s forty-five minute session is an overview of life direction insights geared to each individual. Charley offers perspective on personal questions during Full Readings.

Extended Reading: This fifty five minute session provides a “detailed view” of relevant present, past and future information. Each consultation covers career, life direction, relationships, Medical Intuitive guidance and sheds light on innate talent and abilities. (Charley reads “openly” one impression at a time – you can also choose to devote your entire session to personal questions.)

Life Readings: A Life Reading gives you an in depth, big- picture perspective on your life. This seventy five minute session addresses your unique opportunities in the fields of career, relationships and health. Charley’s Life Readings offer comprehensive insight into your past, present and future.

Consultations with Charley via phone are CD recorded and shipped **USA Priority Mail**$9.

Private readings in Charley’s Asheville NC studio are recorded complimentary.

Charley Castex  Consultations

Charley Castex